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Robin Cafolla

Primum Ego, Tum Ego, Deinde Ego


I am Robin Cafolla and this is my website and blog. I work as a Software Developer, but tend not to think of myself as one. I currently live in Dublin, Ireland am travelling in Africa and specialize in custom application development, mostly for the web, mostly in PHP and Zend Framework 2.

I have a vast array of interests:

    [0] => Arts
    [1] => Craft Beer
    [2] => Electronics
    [3] => Gaming
    [4] => Music
    [5] => Open Data
    [6] => Open Source
    [7] => Photography
    [8] => Rugby
    [9] => Running
    [10] => Travel
    [11] => Web Technologies
    [12] => Writing

some of which I'll blog about.

This site

This site is a hodge podge of hand-written html + css, with a sprinkling of php and .htaccess trickery. I've considered porting it to some sort of CMS, but I've never found one that doesn't suck.

I won't be open sourcing the site, as there's not enough code involved to make it worth while. All the non-photo, non-code (text) content is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-a-like. The code I post, unless specifically stated otherwise, is MIT Licenced. Many of the photos are commons licenced too, but as I forget which ones, it's best to check my flickr.

Contact Info

  • @robincafolla
  • linkedin
  • bitbucket
  • stack overflow
  • flickr